Day 5 and 6: Fruit & Veggie Challenge: try a new fruit!

Sunday was Day 5 of the Fruit and Veggie Challenge and since I have already eaten everything I am going to today, I will go ahead and add in Day 6! Since I needed to complete 5 activities this week, I will only report on one since it was the 5th. 


Breakfast: 2 oz turkey burger patty (can you tell I was trying to get rid of them at this point?), 1/4 avocado (1/4 fruit serving), 1 cup green grapes (1 fruit serving), + coffee

Lunch: Sushi! 1 cup lettuce with ginger dressing (1/2 veggie serving), 1 cup miso soup, 1 naruto maki (salmon + tuna + avocado + cucumber wrapped in cucumber) (1/4 veggie serving) + 1/4 cup hibachi broccoli (1/4 veggie serving)

Dinner: Bison burger + 1 cup sautéed spinach (1 veg serving) + 1 cup papaya (1 fruit serving)


Vegetable Servings: 2

Fruit Servings: 2.25

Monday: I decided to try a new fruit today. I had to run by the farmers market to pick up healthy snacks for our facts n’ snacks seminar tomorrow at work, so I figured what better place to find something new! I went to the exotic fruit aisle and was impressed at how many random fruits I have tried. But, then I saw the thai guava… I have tried the red/pink guava before but I have never had a “thai guava”. Winner!

Yum. It turned out to be mildly sweet, slightly acidic, crunchy and refreshing! I read that you can eat the skin and the seeds, so I tried those out and they were surprisingly good. Be careful not to chip your teeth on the seeds though, as they were super hard!
The thai guava is also rich in phytochemicals, vitamin C (4x the amount that is in oranges!), vitamin A, and fiber. Some studies have shown guava is great for your skin, too. No wonder with all the vitamin A and C it contains.

Breakfast: 1 egg + 1 egg white + 1/2 cup tomatoes and avocado (1/2 fruit serving) + 1/4 cup diced onions (1/4 veggie serving) + coffee w/ coconut creamer

Lunch: Grilled chicken wrap w/ sautéed mushrooms, spring mix, tomatoes, jalapeños (total 1/2 veg serving) w/ balsamic vinaigrette and hot sauce to dip

Dinner: 1 grilled portobello mushroom (1 veggie serving) + 2 cups romaine (1 veggie serving) + 1/4 cup diced tomato (1/4 fruit serving) + 1/2 cup diced onion, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts (1/2 veggie serving) + 1 Tbsp lemon garlic vinaigrette + 2 oz grilled sirloin + 1/4 baked potato (plain) (1/4 veggie serving)

Snacks: 1 cup papaya (1 fruit serving) + 1 thai guava (1 fruit serving)


Vegetable Servings:3.5

Fruit Servings: 2.75

 Happy Monday! 


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