About Me


I am a licensed and registered dietitian nutritionist who currently works in corporate wellness and am a new mom to baby Kaia. My passion is in holistic wellness and integrative and functional nutrition.

I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, and make all natural bath and body products. You can check them out at http://www.sympura.etsy.com.

Also, as my blog mentions, I love all things food: nutrition, recipes, pictures, vegetable and herb gardening, current research, products, restaurants, canning, tips and tricks and more. I will post my experiments for you.

I am available for all of your nutrition needs, including:

  • Menu, Recipe Analysis and FDA approved Nutrition Labeling for restaurants, blogs, or personal use
  • As a Certified Instructor and Registered Proctor for ServSafe, I can organize, instruct and proctor ServSafe trainings for your organization and employees
  • Presentations and/or speaking events. Examples of some topics: The Basics of Nutrition, Planning Healthy Meals, Mindful Eating, Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Individual Counseling:
    • A wellness approach to nutrition, meaning we will not just focus on nutrition, but physical activity, mind-body awareness and overall health and well-being
    • Lifestyle changes in a way that you are comfortable with in order to meet your nutrition goals
    • Weight management
    • Initial sessions include a 3-day analysis of your food diary, establishment of nutrition and fitness goals and an overview of your interests
    • Follow-ups will vary from person to person depending on your goals and interests
  • Group Sessions:
    • Max of 10 per hour session
  • Grocery store tours focusing on how to read nutrition labels, finding good deals, and how to navigate through the crazy maze the grocery store can be

– Forms:

Food Diary

Hope you enjoy my blog and let me know how I can be of service to you and/or your organization.

Mary Crommelin Groover, MS, RDN, LD


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