Garlic Salad

This is a spin-off of my Dad’s AMAZING garlic salad that is a must-have for any special occasion!  Of course I will never master this recipe, but I can at least make a sad attempt 🙂  You can adjust the amount of lemon juice to increase or decrease the tartness.  Also, add any veggies that you have on hand.  The dressing tastes great with just about anything!  This night we had a cheese potato (recipe coming) and my hubby grilled us some lean top sirloin.  It was fabulous!

This makes 2 salads:

4-6 fresh garlic cloves, crushed

Juice of 1 lemon

dash of salt (you can use Morton’s lite salt if you are watching your sodium, or omit all together)

1 tsp black pepper

1 Tbsp Canola oil

8 cherry tomatoes cut in half

8 pieces artichoke, quarters

4 pieces hearts of palm

2 cups chopped Romaine lettuce (I use spring mix when I don’t have Romaine)

Add garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, and oil together in a wooden bowl and mix well.  Then add the tomatoes, artichoke hearts and hearts of palm and mix well.  Add the lettuce on top without mixing.  Cover the bowl and let sit in the fridge for approximately 1-2 hours.  Toss salad and serve!


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