Peachtree Road Race Lottery Is Now Open!!

Got plans for 4th of July? The Peachtree Road Race lottery is now open! I just signed up for my 6th year of running! Here is the link if you need it:
2015 AJC Peachtree Road Race Lottery
This race is so much fun! What’s better than running 6.2 miles with 60,000 of your closest buddies while celebrating the 4th of July?? There are awesome costumes, great music at every mile marker, sprinklers to cool you off throughout and, of course, the famous t-shirts at the end!! You don’t even feel like you have ran 6.2 miles because of all of the entertainment. Here is my friend, Megan, and I at last years’ Peachtree all decked out! The lottery is open until March 22, 2015, so you have one week!


<img src=""


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