Braised Chicken Breast w/ White Wine Mushroom Sauce

This was last night’s cooking experiment… I had seen a recipe online that was similar (roasted chicken with tarragon), but of course I had to stray and come up with my own… I did not have any tarragon and wanted a yummy white wine sauce instead.  It turned out to be scrumptious!  The sauce had just the right amount of tang.

This recipe will serve 4:

PAM spray

2 chicken breasts (a little over a pound), both cut in half

1 tsp pepper

4 fluid oz white wine

For sauce:

1 tsp olive oil

Juice of 1/2 large lemon

4 fluid oz white wine

3 crushed garlic cloves

dash of garlic sea salt

1 8-oz package mushrooms (I used white button)

1 Tbsp flour

To prepare chicken:

Spray skillet with PAM and turn on medium heat.  Season the chicken with pepper.  Once hot, add the 4 chicken pieces.  Brown the chicken on each side.  Then add the white wine, turn the heat on medium low and cover.  Simmer until internal temp reaches 165F.

For sauce:

Heat 1 tsp olive oil in saucepan.  Add lemon juice, white wine, garlic and sea salt.  Then, add the mushrooms and simmer on low until mushrooms are tender.  Make a slurry with the flour and cold water.  Add to the sauce and allow to thicken.

This will give 4 3-oz portions of chicken cooked.  I steamed some asparagus and added a little garlic and parmesan as a side item.  I also ended up adding a touch of the sauce to the asparagus, and it was delicious.  And because it is important to try and get at least 3 of the food groups in each meal, I added a piece of wheat bread.  It would have been more fitting to have a wheat roll, but unfortunately I did not have any 🙂

The color ended up being a little drab, so maybe adding a fresh parsley sprig on top would have made it more appealing.  Or it is always easy to add some veggies… maybe some fresh diced red tomatoes… be creative!



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