Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Congratulations to my twin sister and her new hubby, Jimmy!  They got married this weekend at Piedmont Park this past Saturday.  It was a wonderful week full of celebration, love, friends and family!  Below is a pic of the happy couple 🙂 More pics will come later once I compile them…

I was honored that my sister asked me to make lip balms for her wedding last weekend, too!  Since her new hubby’s family and friends all flew in to Atlanta for the wedding from Las Vegas, we decided that GA Peach was the best flavor for them.  Here is how they turned out visually.  Thanks to Mary O’Keefe Bradley for helping to design the beautiful label!  Her website is listed on the home page, so make sure to check out her amazing designs!

IMG_1793                   Honey G's is back!

More to come soon…


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