Day 9-11: Fruit & Veg Challenge and Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Sunday! Here is an update from the past 3 days of the fruit and veggie challenge. It is my hubby’s birthday weekend, so we have been celebrating for most of it! Hope you all are having a great weekend, too 🙂

Daily Activity: Pack a snack of fruits or vegetables. I typically do this every day that I am in the office. I will bring either a cup of grapes, a banana, orange or raw veggies to snack on. I brought in fresh fruit 3 days last week.

Daily Activity: Try a new recipe or a new dish that incorporates vegetables in the sauce, soup or entree. I took my Crockpot BBQ recipe and changed it up a little bit to make it “new” again. I added a little Worcestershire, more pepper, a little ketchup and more stewed tomatoes and onions to the sauce.

Day 9:

Egg + egg white + 1/4 avocado (1/4 fruit serving) + 1/2 cup diced tomatoes, onions and mushrooms (1/2 veggie serving)

Taco Cantina veggie salad: If you have not been to Taco Cantina yet, you are missing out! Their veggie salad is amazing! Lettuce, corn salsa, cabbage, pickled onions, cilantro, jalapeños, guacamole, white onions, salsa, black beans, spicy shrimp with lime juice as the dressing (app. 2 veggie servings + 1/4 fruit serving). I order the salad with a taco on the side and put the taco filling on the salad. Today I went with spicy shrimp, but the steak is also really good!

Homemade Crockpot BBQ: I love a vinegar based BBQ sauce. I made some brown rice and steamed broccoli to go with it. Delicious! 1 cup steamed broccoli (2 veggie servings) + 1/2 cup BBQ sauce (1 veggie serving)

Snacks: 1 cup grapes (1 fruit serving), 1 small apple (1 fruit serving), 1/2 cup blueberries + grapes (1/2 fruit serving), 1.5 cups avocado oil popcorn

Veggie Servings: 5.5

Fruit Servings: 3

Day 10:

Egg + egg white + 1/4 avocado (1/4 fruit serving) + 1/2 cup diced tomatoes, onions and spinach (1 veggie serving)

We had a chili cook-off for lunch on Friday. It was a fundraiser for the 2017 Ride for Myriam. We have a team of cyclists racing from Montreal to Boston this summer to raise funds for cancer research and is in memory of a former employee who lost her battle with cancer.

I am not sure exactly how many veggie servings I had, but I’ll estimate 1 veggie serving with all of the tomatoes and onions I ate 🙂

Beets and beans salad: Roasted beets, green and white beans, pistachios, burratta cheese, grilled salmon with balsamic glaze (1 veggie serving)

Snacks: 1 apple (1 fruit serving), 1 cup sliced mangoes (1 fruit serving), 1 banana (1 fruit serving)

Veggie Servings: 3

Fruit Servings: 3.25

Day 11:

1.5 cups frozen mixed fruit (1.5 fruit servings), 1 cup green grapes (1 fruit serving), 1/2 cup sliced mangoes (1/2 fruit serving)

1.5 cups hibachi vegetables (1.5 veggie servings) + 1 cup miso soup + 1 cup white rice + ginger sauce

We went out to La Parilla for my hubby’s early birthday dinner with friends. I had the veggie fajitas with black beans and rice. It had tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, spinach, corn and peppers. I probably ate about 1.5-2 cups of veggies. Plus, about 1/4 cup of guacamole and probably 1/2 cup salsa 🙂 So yummy!!

Veggie Servings: 3-3.5

Fruit Servings: 3

Happy Sunday!!



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